Unico. With Confidence.

Unico Conservation Foundation Limited is a non-profit company created in December 2009 by Unico Computer Systems Pty Ltd.

Unico Computer Systems creates, integrates, and supports mission-critical software systems for customers who need to move rapidly. Since 1984, leading Australian telecommunications, wagering, Intelligent Trasnport Systems and financial services companies have relied on the expertise of Unico Computer Systems Pty Ltd. to process millions of telephone calls, SMS messages, and financial transactions in real time, without fail.

Unico Computer Systems Pty Ltd, owned and operated by Geoff Illing and John Rowland, was a suppporter of CCE Foundation before Unico Conservation Foundation Limited was created.

Unico believes that philantrophy is not just the resposibility of the wealthy, but that contributing to the wellbeing of others who are less fortunate is a responsibility shared by all people in the community.

Unico seeks to work with entities in developing countries on a partnership basis on locally based development projects in the areas of sustainable environment, income generation, self-relianace, and education and training.