The following trainings are designed by CCEF to capacitate individuals, communities, organizations, and other concerned groups with the necessary skills, knowledge, and strategies essential for effective and efficient Coastal Resource Management in its different phases. Training duration can be modified depending on the partner's needs upon thorough assessment of their coastal resource condition, organization/group development, and specific goals desired to be achieved after the training. For optimum and sustained learning, practical hands-on exercises are heavily used as a method. Advanced levels on the topic can also be designed to tailor-fit actual competency level of the participants

Coastal Law Enforcement (CLE) Training

A 4-day training designed to equip participants with comprehensive CLE theories, practical boarding exercises, crime prevention techniques ,search and seizure, including prosecution of coastal law violation cases.

Municipal Fishing Boat Registration Training

A two-day training focusing on measurement and documentation of municipal fishing vessels 3GT and below. The training is capped with practical exercises on written examination required for government-recognized certification.

CRM Youth Camp Training

A three-day training designed to mold youth participants to become responsible stewards of life and the environment. Leadership skills, concrete action plans to be institutionalized in their communities, natural resource integration, basic ecology, and coastal ecosystem appreciation are also included.

Fisherfolk Registration Training

A one-day training designed to capacitate participants on Fisherfolk Registration and its legal bases, conduct of fisherfolk registration, implementation, and monitoring with practical exercises on fisherfolk inventory using a database software developed by CCEF.

Organizational Capability Building Training

Trainings designed to support organizational needs involving leadership in the context of CRM. Stand-alone modules include Team Building, Values Formation, Basic Gender Orientation, and Financial Managemant may be offered when Training Needs Assessment indicate such necessity.

Foreshore Management Training

A two-day training designed to educate foreshore laws, conduct of foreshore inventory, foreshore management planning, implementation, and monitoring.

ICM Sustainability Planning

A 3-day training focusing on planning for a sustainable ICM process, necessary skills and strategies for ICM project sustainability.

Fisheries Management Training

A 2-day training program designed to equip participants with strategies to manage fishery resources.

Basic Monitoring Training

A 3-day training designed to equip basic skills in participatory MPA monitoring through various methods: (SCUBA and SNORKEL) Coral reef benthic monitoring, Invertebrate Monitoring, and Coral Reef Fish Visual Census.

Marine Protected Area Training

A 3-day training designed to provide comprehensive technical skills on Marine Protected Area (MPA) establishment and management strategies

GPS Training

A 3-day training designed to hone skills in using geographic positioning system (GPS), map reading by coordinates (latitude and longitude) and plotting map points.

Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Training

A 5-day training designed to enhance awareness on coastal environmental issues and hone essential skills for integrated coastal management.

Strategic Planning for People's Organizations (PO)

A 3-day training designed to capacitate PO leaders and members to assess their organizations strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats essential for a long term plan of the organization’s direction and strategies to accomplish their goals.


Please give us at least a month's notice if you want CCEF to give you the training listed on this page. Most of the trainings mentioned have been taught by CCEF staff for more than ten years already and they are more than qualified to deliver them to you and your group.

Contact us for more information.