Communities Learning to Stop Abuse and Nurture Social Empowerment

CCEF reaches out beyond the coastline through integrated approaches in CRM to help curb the rising number of abused women in Cebu Province.

Project description

CCEF is reaching out to coastal communities to help curb rising cases of Violence Against Women and Children or VAWC. Working in the four municipalites of Alegria, Badian, Moalboal, and Barili of the Province of Cebu, the project seeks to capacitate the locales in creating a violence – free community where women and children are strongly organized with strong efforts to prevent VAWC cases at the same time getting actively involved in managing their coastal resources alongside with their male counterparts.

In the barangays of each municipality, Family Watch Groups will serve as a community – based monitoring system for VAWC cases so that immediate intervention can be done in case it occurs. The composition of the 30 FWG members will be taken from different sectors in the community such as school, church, barangay council, sangguniang kabataan, and people’s organizations.

Project date: 
January, 2010 to September, 2012





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