News for July, 2017

Michiko Je Bito-on | July 03, 2017

The Binoongan Women’s Association (BWA) is a beacon of hope for many coastal communities in Siquijor. As collective of 16 women, it is now accomplishing the necessary documentation for accreditation as an official people’s organization.

Michiko Je Bito-on | July 02, 2017

The 9-day expedition to Siquijor was staffed by a much more diverse team than past expeditions. The team included five foreign volunteers, 10 CCEF staff, three Silliman University marine science graduate students, six volunteers from the Siquijor Provincial Monitoring Team (PROMOTE), as well as 11 military from the Philippine Armed Forces. The foreign volunteers were from the U.S. and Australia; of the six, four were seasoned SPR attendees and two were first-time attendees.