News for April, 2012

Anna Helen Yap | April 28, 2012

News spread like wildfire over the internet about that girl riding a tied-down whale shark on the shores of Boljoon, a town south of Cebu next to the whale shark feeding-frenzied Oslob. Ever since those infamous pictures were posted last March 31, social networking sites, local & international websites, travel bloggers, print media and more had their fair share of words about the unfortunate incident.

Anna Helen Yap | April 22, 2012

How did you celebrate your Earth Day last April 22?
Here’s a good GREEN story to hear…

Raffy Martinez | April 25, 2012

Fresh from a successful SPR expedition in Tubbataha Reef, CCEF scuba diving staff trained to upgrade their certifications to rescue scuba diver. The training was facilitated by NAUI instructor and SPR divemaster Ethan Lucas, who was a former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and CCEF staff.

Jun Amolo, Michelle Baird, Danilo Delizo, Dean Apistar, Nipnip Porpetcho, Pedi Caet, Jimi Paguio and Raffy Martinez were the scuba divers who received the training, This forms the second batch of CCEF divers that upgraded their certifications.