The A. White Library and CRM Learning Center houses a comprehensive number of books, journals and pictures on coastal resource management. It is located inside the office of the Coastal Conservation and Educational Foundation (CCEF) at Room 302, PDI Condominium.

CCEF Publications

CCEF staff and board members are published in various monographs and prestigious journals. The list below shows just some of the recent output of the foundation. All CCEF publications are downloadable.

P. Christie; R. Pollnac; T. Stevenson; D. Pietri (2014) Final Report: Lessons from the US Coral Triangle Initiative Support Program. USAID
CCEF (2013) A profile of Danajon Bank, Philippines. Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation
A. Green; A. White; S. Kilarsk (2013) DESIGNING MARINE PROTECTED AREA NETWORKS TO ACHIEVE FISHERIES,BIODIVERSITY, AND CLIMATE CHANGE OBJECTIVES IN TROPICAL ECOSYSTEMS: A practitioner guide. The Nature Conservancy, and the USAID Coral Triangle Support Partnership
D. Apistar; N. Setiasih (2012) How to Assess Coral Bleaching in Your Community. CCEF
R.L. Eisma-Osorio; M.V. Gamale; R. Amolo; R. Kirit; A. Patindol; A. White (2012) A sourcebook on mainstreaming gender into coastal resource management in the Philippines. CCEF
A. Varney; P. Christie; R.L. Eisma-Osorio; G. Labrado; M. Pinsky; A. White (2010) Designing and Planning a Network of Community-Based Marine Protected Areas. Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc.
P. Johnstone; G. Labrado; R.L. Eisma-Osorio; P. Christie; A. White (2010) Marine Protected Area Networking Training Handbook. Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc.
CCEF (2007) i-Dive - Responsible Diving in Marine Protected Areas.
CCEF; T.D. and L.P.F. (2004) Alcoy - A Small Town Taking Big Steps in Coastal Resource Management.
CCEF; T.D. and L.P.F. (2004) Oslob - Turning the course of CRM History.
CCEF; T.D. and L.P.F. (2004) Dalaguete - Nurturing The Roots of Coastal Resource Management.
CCEF; T.D. and L.P.F. (2004) Boljoon - Enriching Their Heritage Through A Wellspring of Sustainable Coastal Management Initiatives.
CCEF; T.D. and L.P.F. (2004) Santander - Opening Gateways of Opportunity Through Coastal Resource Management.
Journal Articles
M. Dygico; A. Songco; A. White; S.J. Green (2013) Achieving MPA effectiveness through application of responsive governance incentives in the Tubbataha reefs. Marine Policy
A. Maypa; A. White; E. Cañares; R. Martinez; R.L. Eisma-Osorio; P. Aliño; D. Apistar (2012) Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness: Progress and Lessons in the Philippines. Coastal Management
R.L. Eisma-Osorio; R. Amolo; A. Maypa; A. White; P. Christie (2009) Scaling Up Local Government Initiatives Toward Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management in Southeast Cebu Island, Philippines. Coastal Management
P. Christie; R. Pollnac; D. Fluharty; M. Hixon; G. Lowry; R. Mahon; D. Pietri; B. Tissot; A. White; N. Armada; R.L. Eisma-Osorio (2009) Tropical Marine EBM Feasibility: A Synthesis of Case Studies and Comparative Analyses. Coastal Management
P. Christie; R. Pollnac; E. Oracion; A. Sabonsolin; R. Diaz; D. Pietri (2009) Back to Basics: An Empirical Study Demonstrating the Importance of Local-Level Dynamics for the Success of Tropical Marine Ecosystem-Based Management. Coastal Management
N. Armada; A. White; P. Christie (2009) Managing Fisheries Resources in Danajon Bank, Bohol, Philippines: An Ecosystem-Based Approach. Coastal Management
D. Pietri; P. Christie; R. Pollnac; R. Diaz; A. Sabonsolin (2009) Information Diffusion in Two Marine Protected Area Networks in the Central Visayas Region, Philippines. Coastal Management