CCEF welcomes applications for becoming a volunteer. The applicant must provide reasons for volunteering that would fit in our various programs and services. CCEF’s volunteer work encompass a wide variety of work that focuses on:

  • Coastal resource management and effective marine protected areas;
  • Environmentally-friendly enterprises, such as marine ecotourism;
  • Education related to coastal management, governance and finances;
  • Information and library services for coastal management systems.

CCEF volunteers can help achieve our goals by:

  • serving as a technical resource provider;
  • enhancing CCEF to perform its marine conservation and community development work;
  • assisting in a range of administrative tasks such as office work, training, or fundraising;
  • acting as a link to the communities we serve through your involvement and voice;
  • attracting other volunteers and friends to help us grow;
  • or simply, donating your time, energy, or money to help in any capacity you can to save Philippine reefs.

To signify your intent to volunteer, either use our contact form, or email us at info@coast.ph, or drop by our office to meet our staff, or simply fill out a volunteer application form in person at our office.