The MPA database started out as a project to document the management of marine protected areas in the Visayas region. Its main activity was to document and record the management status of local and nationally managed MPAs. A rating system was utilized by CCEF so that MPA management committees are guided in improving the management of these sites. With a recent funding from the UNICO Conservation Foundation, the important work of supporting hundreds of MPAs scattered mainly in Visayas is continued.

MPA Listing

Titlesort descending Established Area Barangay LGU Province
Abung Marine Protected Area 2006 87.0 Abung San Juan Batangas
Adlay Marine Protected Area 2006 84.0 Adlay Carrascal Surigao del Sur
Agan-an Marine Reserve 1999 6.0 Agan-an Sibulan Negros Oriental
Agoho Marine Fish Sanctuary 2000 19.0 Agoho Mambajao Camiguin
Agoo-Damortis Protected Landscape and Seascape 2000 10648.0 Ago-o La Union
Agsalin Fish Sanctuary 2003 35.6 Agsalin Gloria Mindoro Oriental
Aguining Fish Sanctuary 1986 85.7 Aguining Pres. Carlos P Garcia Bohol
Agutayan Marine Protected Area 1996 4.0 Agutayan Jasaan Misamis Oriental
Alabel Fish Sanctuary 2001 15.0 Alabel Malapatan Sarangani
Alang-alang Marine Sanctuary 2003 10.0 Alang-alang Tabogon Cebu
Albaguen Island Fish Sanctuary 1997 5.0 Albaguen Island San Vicente Palawan
Albaguen Island Fish Sanctuary 1997 5.0 Albaguen Island San Vicente Camarines Norte
Alburquerque-Loay-Loboc Protected Landscape and Seascape 2000 1164.0 Alburquergue Bohol
Alejawan Marine Sanctuary 1999 10.7 Alejawan Duero Bohol
Aliguay Island Protected Landscape and Seascape 2003 2379.4 Aliguay Island Dapitan City Zamboanga del Norte
Ambao Fish Sanctuary and Reserve Area 2000 32.5 Ambao Hinundayan Southern Leyte
Anapog Fish Sanctuary 2002 20.8 Anapog San Remegio Cebu
Anas Fish Sanctuary 2003 15.6 Anas Valencia Bohol
Andulay Marine Reserve 1993 6.0 Andulay Siaton Negros Oriental
Anibong Marine Reserve 2002 7.1 Anibong Ayungon Negros Oriental
Antipolo Marine Reserve 2001 19.2 Antipolo Tuburan Cebu
Apalan Marine Sanctuary 2003 53.4 Apalan Tuburan Cebu
Apid Marine Sanctuary 1994 7.2 Apid Inopacan Leyte
Apo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape 1994 691.4 Apo Island Dauin Negros Oriental
Apo Reef Marine Reserve 1996 27469.0 Apo Reef Sablayan Mindoro Occidental


Number of MPAs in the database: 93