Apo Island Marine Sanctuary: Steps to Recovery from Storm Damage

Installation of initial coral reef rehabilitation structures using a low cost sturdy plastic mesh. The goal is to stabilize the rubble substratum to facilitate coral recruitment, growth and higher survival (photo by A. Maypa)
Aileen Maypa | May 28, 2013

The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) through its Research Unit, engages in a coral reef rehabilitation effort at Apo Island Marine Sanctuary in Dauin, Negros Oriental. This is a collaborative work with Silliman University - Institute of Environmental and Marine Science (SU-IEMS) leading the coral rehabilitation component through C. Reboton, a Ph.D. student and CCEF leading the fishery recovery through its Research Director, Dr. A. Maypa supported by UNICO Conservation Foundation in Australia and the Foundation for Philippine Environment (FPE). The Apo Island Dive Rangers, local government unit and community assist the SU-IEMS – CCEF research team. The CENRO - Apo Island Protected Areas Management Board (PAMB) Assistant Protected Areas Superintendent, S Silva and her staff leads the logistics and primarily funds this initiative.

Apo Island was severely hit by typhoons Sendong and Pablo in the years 2012 and 2013, respectively. Coral damage inside the Apo Island Marine Sanctuary was recorded at 99% and coral reef fish abundance was estimated to decline to 50% based on our surveys in March 2013. An MPA recovery plan has been designed and is currently being implemented by the aforementioned team.

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