Careers in CCEF

Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc. or CCEF, is a non-stock and non-profit organization whose work theme is to improve coastal resource management (CRM) in its selected project sites focusing on coral reef and other habitat management through implementation of MPAs (marine protected areas), sea watch (Bantay Dagat) groups, research and monitoring for informed management activities, training and education, community organization for conservation and management of resources, and to sustain management of coral reefs, associated habitats and fisheries through the implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM), habitat management through marine protected areas, strengthening of law enforcement collaboration, and use of environment-friendly and community-based coastal enterprises. Its head office in based in Cebu City and it has projects in various locations within Central Visayas and Batangas, and reef expeditions all over the Philippines.

Working for CCEF brings the successful candidate to the forefront of marine conservation and is a rewarding experience for those who have an interest in social work, marine biology, law and policy, protected areas, fisheries, conservation, and education.